Science and Educational Services

Our services for journals/publishers includes, but not limited to;

Journal Management

  • Establishment and management of scientific journals and magazines
  • Consulting to academic institutes for establishing new journals
  • Establishment of an online system of management, reviewing, and publishing the journals

DOI and Similarity Check 

  • Obtaining DOI prefix or assigning and registering DOIs through Crossref
  • providing similarity check service through Crossref powered by ithenticate


  • Editing based on APA/MLA Manual of Style
  • Plagiarism Checking through iThenticate Software
  • Scientific and methodological editing
  • Technical editing
  • Proof editing of articles in English and Persian
  • Translation

Graphic Designing

  • Cover design
  • Professional layout designing
  • Designing other graphic elements of journals such as logo, flyer, and etc.


  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Publishing: Improving Visibility of Articles

  • Improving visibility of the journals’ articles and increasing their impact factor.
  • Management of online and offline publishing of articles
  • Web designing
  • Establishing online management of journals
  • Publishing articles in academic social networks, including Mendeley, Researchgate, Academia, Linkedin, etc.
  • Registration doi for articles

Indexing Journals

  • Consulting to editors for improving journals’ quality based on bibliographies databases criteria
  • Scientometrics Services
  • Applying for indexing journal in bibliographic database, such as ISI Web of Science, PubMed, Scopus, ISC, EMBASE, EBSCO, Copernicus, DOAJ, Google Scholar, etc
  • Producing XML Packages for archiving articles in PMC, DOAJ, J-Gate, etc

Language Services


Prior to submitting your manuscript to a journal you may wish to have it professionally edited, particularly if English is not your first language. This is not a mandatory step, but may help to ensure that the academic content of your paper is fully understood by journal editors and reviewers.

We respect confidentiality. All documents submitted to us are handled securely. All staff members and editors sign strict confidentiality agreements and we abide by a comprehensive privacy policy. We will sign a confidentiality agreement on request.

Academic English Language Editing services
Expert English editors will review draft manuscript to improve grammar, clarity, academic style, word choice, sentence structure, etc. Additionally we try to engage English experts who are also subject specialists in the same area of the manuscript. The English editing service is designed to make you sound like a native English speaker. Customers will get official certificate of editing, which can be verified online.


Pricing                            Delivery time                 .                      

Word count          3 days       4 days       8 days

<1,000                 USD 75       USD 72      USD 68
1000-1500            USD 95       USD 91      USD 86
1501-2000            USD 118     USD 112     USD 104
2001-2500            USD 143     USD 134     USD 124
2501-3000            USD 164     USD 165     USD 143
3001-3500            USD 189     USD 176     USD 163
3501-4000            USD 212     USD 199     USD 182
4001-4500            USD 234     USD 221     USD 202
4501-5000            USD 260     USD 243     USD 221
5001-5500            USD 293     USD 277     USD 254
5501-6000            USD 319     USD 299     USD 273
6001-6500            USD 342     USD 319     USD 291
6501-7000            USD 364     USD 342     USD 312
7001-7500            USD 387     USD 361     USD 329
7501-8000            USD 410     USD 384     USD 348
8001-8500            USD 449     USD 419     USD 381
8501-9000            USD 468     USD 442     USD 400
9001-9500            USD 491     USD 459     USD 420
9501-10000          USD 514     USD 481     USD 442
For more than 10000 words  Please contact us for custom price

Manuscript Formatting

Does your paper need to be formatted according to a specific journal’s guidelines? Save time with our skilled experts who can help you with layout, citation, and reference issues to ensure your paper is in the correct format prior to submission to the journal of your choice.

Expert Peer review reports (minimum 3 reports): You may be interested to know the strength and weakness of your manuscript before submitting to any journal. Normally this service increases the acceptance rate and saves time.

Price: 50 USD per manuscript (5000 words)

Academic Translation services: We undertake translation services for the different languages. We provide fast professional (human) translation mainly for scholarly research papers.
Pricing: Pricing: 0.10 to 0.15 USD per word (Speed: 2000 words / day)

Plagiarism Checking by expert software: High plagiarism score of manuscript during peer review leads to rejection. It is always better to get Plagiarism reports before submission of manuscripts to increase acceptance rate. Our report will include similarity index, highlighted copied text, source document, plagiarism score, etc.
Price: 4 USD per manuscript

Manuscript formatting service as per journal format.
Price: 20 USD per manuscript

Contact Info.

Authors need further information or wish to make use of this service should contact us via: